TLDR is a great little command line utility that can be used as a replacement for man if you only need a reminder of how to do something. TLDR provides a quick summary of the command and the common usages.

TLDR example


Since I shared the newest podcast that I’ve started listening to, I figured it would be worthwhile listing the shows I regularly listen to.

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The Past, The Present and The Future

Note: this post was written many months before it was published (creation date is at the start of August 2013). While my feelings have changed over time, this is a timeless viewpoint .

I first started listening to 5by5’s Quit to hear the interview with Marco Arment shortly after the Instapaper sale (episode #21: Quit & Analyze) and I have been listening to the show ever since. While there are parts of the format and personalities in the show that I don’t like, the general message of the show is good. My main gripe is that often the majority of the show is Dan Benjamin going off on a rant. I prefer the episodes where there is more call-in or guest content. Along with events of the last few months, it has got me thinking of the future.

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Slogger Exited with code: 1

I used to use Brett Terpstra’s Slogger for logging various activities in to Day One. Probably around 6 months ago I stopped using Day One, just out of lazyness, but now I am trying to write down my thoughts and experiences more. Part of this is driven just by my poor memory.

Back to Slogger. Over the last 6 months this should have been silently running every evening, updating Day One with information in the background, but the scheduled task has been failing. Because I was not actively using Day One over this period I never noticed. This possibly stopped working around the upgrade to Mavericks, or it could have been when I started toying with Ruby development. Either way it is screwed. And the error that was appearing in the console was less than helpful.

28/01/2014 21:31:29.437[275]: (com.brettterpstra.Slogger[6346]) Exited with code: 1

All the searches I did on this just resulted in no response forum posts, or it magically working on its own again. I needed to find a solution.

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