Downloading files with Pythonista

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I have been trying to broaden the programming languages that I am familiar with and I am giving Python a shot. I have been trying out Pythonista as my IDE. Pythonista is a universal app for iPad & iPhone (iTunes link). This is working out quite well for me, as it means I can read a book on my iPad, then just change apps to try out the things I have learned without needing to sit in front of my computer. It also allows me to do some more powerful things with my iOS devices.

The first script I want to share solves a little problem I have. While browsing the internet during the day on my iPhone, when I am away from my main computer, there will be files that I want to download later. Up to now the process has been to add a reminder with the link to come back to it later.

Now I can use Pythonista to download the file and upload it to my Dropbox folder. Later on, when I am at home, this will sync to my desktop and Hazel can process it appropriately.

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TLDR is a great little command line utility that can be used as a replacement for man if you only need a reminder of how to do something. TLDR provides a quick summary of the command and the common usages.

TLDR example