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Pragmatic is a weekly discussion show contemplating the practical application of technology. Exploring the real world trade offs we look at how great ideas are transformed into products and services that can change our lives. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

After hearing many positive reviews about this show, I thought I would give it a listen. I had meant to download the first episode in order to try it, but ended up getting the latest episode at the time by accident: episode 6 (Design Reviews in Name Only). The two hosts have backgrounds in different industries (one software, one electrical engineering) which gives a good mix of perspectives. I came away from listening to this episode with a better idea of how to manage reviews more effectively, even though the discussion mostly focused on design reviews in the electrical engineering world. A different perspective often leads to a clearer vision of how a process can be improved.

I just started listening to the actual first episode today (Faraday’s Cage), and it is fascinating. Completely outside the area of information I would look for, but it goes in depth to how the design of the iPhone has changed over time and how it has effected the radio/antenna performance through the generations.

I have queued up the rest of the episodes, it is a must listen if you have a technically curious mind.

H/T Marco Arment

Bluetooth Receiver Review

I was recently fixing my car audio setup, as my previous aux lead was now only working in one channel. This cable is a bit of a pain to replace as it is wired in to the back of the head unit (it is a Renault), so I was looking for an alternative to a single wire that would no doubt break again.

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Cloud Services

I was certain that I was going to buy a 32GB iPhone 5s after seeing how much space free I still had on my 16GB iPhone 4, but then I got thinking: how much of the stuff I have on this phone really needs to be on the device and not just accessible somehow?

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