Apache as a Reverse Proxy to GlassFish

This is largely just my notes on this problem. It seems like it should be a relatively simple thing to set up, but scattershot documentation, strange failure behaviours and undocumented inconsistencies have made this a major headache to figure out.

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Fitness Tracking

I have been quiet for a little while, in part due to needing a rest in my free time away from code. Now I have some personal projects on the go, and one is about ready to see the light of day.

Since just after Christmas I have been trying to get a bit fitter, and I am trying to achieve this by cycling on an exercise bike. I am getting the hang of playing Xbox games while on the bike (currently a mixture of Watch_Dogs and Saints Row IV) so I can combine a lazy activity with an active one!

Of course I’ve been keeping track of my cycling sessions, since the new year at least, so I wanted to build something to visualise this data.

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Vagrant Setup

For development purposes I use Virtual Machines in VirtualBox, usually using the Ubuntu Server OS and are manually configured. Vagrant provides a mechanism to easily script the creation of these virtual machines so they can be torn down and rebuilt easily.

From the Vagrant site:

Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team

This is largely a quick start guide for my purposes, as I started experimenting with Vagrant. All this information is based on this getting started guide.

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VirtualBox Update Script for OS X

I have a strong dislike for applications that are still not able to provide any sort of internal update functionality and require the user to go to a web page to download an update.

I have written an update script for Calibre in the past to automate this update process. Today I made a modified version of this for VirtualBox. I use this application a lot for running various servers for my local development environment.

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