The Problem With Putting Things Off...

…is remembering to do them again.

A couple of weeks ago I started out trying to use Due as a replacement for the Reminders app that comes as standard as part of iOS, and prior to Mountain Lion was shoehorned into iCal in a completely unusable form. I was hoping to also bin The Hit List as the cost of the paid sync service just does not seem worth it, especially if the reports of it being rather buggy are to be believed.

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Create List From Task / AppleScript Woes

Following a post from a previous user of OmniFocus in The Hit List mailing list, they missed the ability to hit a keyboard shortcut and create a list from a task. Basically (I think) with the purpose of creating a list of related tasks from a high level objective, in a situation where sub-tasks were not enough.

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Twitter Favourites to The Hit List

For as long as I can remember, I have used twitter to keep up to date with events. When I see something that I want to action at a later date, I favourite the tweet as a reminder. The problem with this method is that I often forget to look at my favourites to remind myself what I have already forgotten to look at again! Then, last week after clearing about a month’s worth of favourites, I had a brainwave!

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New Blog

It has been a good year of more since I last attempted to keep any sort of regular stream up to date.

Most recently, I gave up on keeping an active twitter feed going. I posted many times daily for months, but just one day lost interest in it. For the life of me I can’t remember why. I still think it is a great service, and use it for keeping up to date on what is going on with various things (although mostly tech related).

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