Cloudflare Redirects

There have been a couple of scenarios recently where I thought some additional subdomains and/or path redirects would be useful.

  1. I always forget the capitalisation in the URL for my OpenAPIVisualiser tool, so wanted a redirect from “” to the full URL for the project
  2. While I have a “.scot” domain for my profile at the moment, I wanted to have “” redirect to it.

This post, like many of mine, exists as a reminder to myself how this is setup as it took me a few reads of the documentation to understand this and when I did I found that I’ve done this before.

There seems to be two approaches that might be valid solutions:

It turns out I’ve been down this road before - I’ve already got a page rule configured for the naked apex domain redirecting to www. On the free plan, you are allowed 3 page rules without paying for more.

If we ran out of page rules, or needed a more complex logic, you could potentially use Cloudflare workers for redirects.

The Cloudflare documentation is pretty good, but as a worked example the second of my scenarios is the more complicated one.

As this is a new subdomain I first needed to create the DNS entry for I just created this as a CNAME record pointing to the domain it (may) eventually replace and left it as proxied. The proxied part is important for letting the page rule work.

DNS Entry

Then going to Rules -> Redirect Rules and configuring a single redirect.

Redirect Rule

And that’s it. I repeated this second step for my other redirect and now both my scenarios are handled with minimal configuration within Cloudflare.