Ruby / Twitter woes

A while ago I made a modified version of the Twitter Favourites to The Hit List script to import in to the Reminders application that ships with Mountain Lion. I have completely moved away from The Hit List due to the lack of updates / support the application is getting. Currently I am using a combination of Due and Reminders for my workflow.

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iPhoto -> Day One

In version 1.8 of Day One they introduced the ability to add an image into the entry. This is a great feature, as a picture always brings back memories clearer than just words. However I was trying to add a photo from iPhoto last night, and at some point they have removed the “Show File” option, so I had to find it manually in the library package. Very annoying.

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The Problem With Putting Things Off...

…is remembering to do them again.

A couple of weeks ago I started out trying to use Due as a replacement for the Reminders app that comes as standard as part of iOS, and prior to Mountain Lion was shoehorned into iCal in a completely unusable form. I was hoping to also bin The Hit List as the cost of the paid sync service just does not seem worth it, especially if the reports of it being rather buggy are to be believed.

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